Product on sale: Climate Change


I want to highlight the fact that I am not an expert on the topic, I am not a scientist but I found a lot of aspects that are related with my study area.

In the Course I’ve just finished (Climate Change in four dimensions, UC San Diego), that explains a lot about this, like environmental factors, the way the science explains how greenhouse gasses affect us and what I found more impressive, the interest in the negation of Climate Change. Is there anyone with data and common sense ready to say that? Unfortunately yes.

Despite that, some of the conclusions in that area are that the main obstacles are not technical, but political and social, I agree with that part, we already have technology to create “greener” products, but are we asking for them when we buy? Are we rejecting new products that may cost us much than others just for its price? Here is where we have the power.

It’s not difficult to see, that if today’s world is guided by money, our decision process when we buy is going to have more importance, in some cases, than our vote in the elections. I am not saying not to vote; I am saying that we are expecting to vote every 4 years or so but we are choosing every day when we go shopping.

I’ve learned some time ago, that everything I do, reveals more about who I am, if I change what I do daily, you I change who I am. We can do the most revolutionary thing just changing our products, maybe just looking at the paper behind them and getting the nearest ones or be a well-informed consumer. We can help ourselves buying differently, we can make the difference, I do it, would you?


Alberto Díaz



  • Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change  [Consulta: 08/05/2014]
  • Climate Change in 4 Dimensions (UC San Diego [Consulta: 01/05/2014]









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