Thank you ‘How I met your mother’

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother

I want to make a special tribute to this serial. (Stop reading if you don’t want to know the end, 😉 ) It has connected with me in so many ways, the topics it is about, are the type of things that I worry about.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, it is about the living stories of a group of friends from their mid-20’s until they got married and so on, and talked about how Ted (the main character) remember the history, it’s explained in third person in voice-off by the future Ted talking to their future son and daughter. The story also is about Ted’s friends’ history that’s, as in our reality, very connected to Ted’s.

As I see it, It is a serial about our life, I felt reflected, and I see many of my friends in the body of an actor or actress just saying things the way they do and moving exactly like them. It’s not just a Sitcom, it’s a kind of interpretation of very complex characters, and complex living stories (like when Marshall’s father dies) that is related without losing the humour. I see, not just the experiences of them but the personal growth that’s implied in. The fiction is just a tale until you get something and transfer it to your personal experience and live it, then it becomes a part of you too, part of your never ending growing process

In order not seem very in love with this, that’s almost impossible, I have to say that I would prefer another final, may be, because I see in there, something I see in a lot of American movies that I dislike. Is possible to fall in love again with someone else, without losing your current partner dramatically? 

Thank you ‘How I met your mother‘ team, it’s been a pleasure sharing these years with you.


Alberto Díaz





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